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wow. this debate has gotten off the rail. The initial question was why so many of the LILJ picks were YJ or FLG. Pretty simple answer is that those are the best 27 teams on the island.

Flg plays cupcake tournaments. Top Guns and YJ B play better comp and are on par with them.

We will see how Top Guns does this weekend.

Top Guns did well, went 1-2 but were within 3-5 goals (beat MDU by 5, lost to LBC by 3) of everyone but BLC who is a top-5 team.

Watching them, I think they have very good scorers, really could change the plane of the shot, used a lot of bounces on the turf. Fields were very narrow, teams that are physical have advantage.

I would put them in front of Monster by a small margin, slightly behind Prime Time.

Hard to say how they translate to outdoor, but shooting is their strength. Emma Ward is going to be a fabulous HC one day.