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I've watched this team last 2 years and they are essentially a different team from last year and are very solid, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. The spring will tell the tale. These girls haven't played together other than a few games and it will take time to develop a flow and when it does they will be able to hang with some of the better teams. I do hear the coaching is very good so time will tell, but the potential is there.
Parents should not be trying to build a negative rivalry between A and B as many of those girls are very good friends and it would be a shame to put any negative spin on the game they enjoy. I understand friendly competition but they are from the same organization and should root each other on both as friends and players.

Let's be honest same organization or not - most of these kids across multiple teams/clubs at this age group are friends, all know each other, play on various pick up teams together....it's only the lost dads on here who try to pound their chest about the rankings of 12 year old girls. You'll all find out in a few more years that none of that matters.