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FLG definitely needs more players, after this season I am pretty sure they will get a few more to make their roster bigger. However, even with a roster that small they are still very good and efficient which I think is because of the coaching. Defiantly getting my daughter to tryout there . As for tournaments, Wink will most definitely get them into some other good ones next year.

Dude, you have no clue what you are talking about.

The top tourneys have waiting lists of more than a year. What good tournaments are you talking about that FLG will suddenly get to play in?. Definitely won't get in either Lax For The Cure, either Mid Atlantic or Summer Genesis.

Entry lists for all of the top fall tournaments are already out. They aren't in Lax For the Cure, Fall Draw, Mid Atlantic, Live Love Lax or Cheaspeake Invite. Top Guns will play in all of them except Fall Draw.

This means they won't play a tourney in an A+ bracket until next year's Live Love Lax at best.