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Evidently you don't follow the 2027age group closely.

I'm not a YJ parent, Im not even a Long Island parent, but beating a M&D team that went 44-5 or beating a Hero's team (TWICE) that went 42-6, is a heck of an accomplishment.
They lost 4 times all year to teams at the 2027 level. To say "they don't win" is absurdity.

Who cares! All these girls are playing high level lacrosse and not playing video games or making out with dudes behind the local Stop and Shop! Many of you living vicariously through your 12 year old daughters are going to be miserable when you have driven your daughters away from an amazing sport. Sit back, eat a sandwich, just watch your kids play and shut your meat hole![/quote]

Who cares about rankings? I'd imagine the type of people that go to a lacrosse forum on 12 yr old lacrosse players and read it.

I'm just responding to the post about how YJ 27 "don't win". If this isn't you, kindly move on from the topic, thanks.