Even if your statement is accurate it doesn’t really matter. Girls as well as the guys are getting recruited mainly from showcases, attending specific school camps and playing a lot on a good to excellent high school team. To be on a team that has 22-30 players on a roster will only help the kids who play a lot in the tournaments while the other remain on the sidelines as cheerleaders. Those cheerleaders get no exposure and many college coaches who attend are either there specifically to see a few players or are starting 10-15 minutes and then heading over to catch other games.

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But let's compare like schedules for next year.


Queen of the Island Fall (YJ)
Fall Draw
Mid Atlantic Fall
Live Love Lax Fall
Queen of the Island Spring(YJ)
Lax By The Sea (YJ)
Live Love Lax Summer
Lax For the Cure Summer
Summer Genesis (TG)
G8 (YJ)
Maryland Cup or Mid Atlantic

Queen of the Island Fall
Florider Lax Fest
Queen of the island Spring
Lax By The Sea
Live Love Lax Summer
Maryland Cup or Mid Atlantic

What serious player who wants to play top compeition is picking FLG?

I guess the 15 girls they already have plus a few more. Team seems pretty happy and they play great lacrosse. My daughter will be trying out there. Plus I believe FLG runs LILJ. I think the girls will be fine. Don’t lose sleep over their current lack of top competition each week. They are 12 and 13 year old girls and plying lax for fun and they just do happen to be a great lacrosse team.

With all that talent, I’m sure some will desire to play beyond high school. That will put them at a big disadvantage when the time comes. And no, you just can’t suddenly decide to play in these tourneys when the time comes if you haven’t been playing them for a while[/quote]