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FLG will NEVER beat YJ A. Get over it and move on.
Miss of death. Why would you ever post that. Even if you think it you should never lost it. I wonder how it this is a bunch of 12 yr old girls post I g on here

Funny reading post of parents who have never been through this before. News flash, wins/losses don't matter. Very soon its about whether your daughter is getting the looks for UA, Nike All star, America select, etc. Only a few per team. The evaluators aren't looking at tourney machine. Focus on your daughter getting better so she is prepared for those evaluations.

PS, the girls don't care 5 minutes after the game is done. Its the dads/moms that care too much.

Well, win losses do matter in some way, you want your kid on the best teams and teams that lose also lose their talent and teams that win retain talent and bring talent in.

My kid is a goalie and I honestly want a good team around her but not a great team. I want her seeing action, not watching her team dominant draws and watch but also not getting shelled because the defense can't keep up.

You are right though, getting seen the key which means you want to play in A brackets and in "big games" against top teams, which will have eyes on them.