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You don't want me call you out, Lynbrook parent, do you? Be happy that your kid is now in a spot where she can be happy. Stop ripping on other kids and other clubs. You know what they say about karma don't you......

We all know its the Lynbrook guy juicing up the program; better than ripping on other teams, but that said.............

So if Empire got so much better; who did they get..................they bringing up the 14 year old 2023 kids from MD or what??
What programs have got better from this past summer?? TG lost players but have their top core; Igloo lost goalie but added a couple new kids, YJ teams TBD, Elevate, Jesters and LIberty remain the same??[/

TG lost goalie & igloo but ur saying they got new kids did they replace the goalies with goalies? That would b the only way to compare ? Not sure what best player empire lost. I know they got girls from 91 tg & igloo. Yj teams can't seem to get outta their own way. Yj may b good but ppl don't want the stress from them

Goalie is definitely a hard position, no arguing that. The top goalies right now in the age group on LI are the soon to be YJ Blue goalie (played 91 last year) and the Legacy goalie. The other club goalies are pretty comparable in ability.

And you know this how exactly? Thanks goalie Mom for your evaluation, but I'm pretty sure your daughter is pretty average too. Just the statement that the 91 goalie is going to start seems pretty funny, as team has never won anything!

Goalie mom or not that is def not true at all. i thought 91 goalie went to elevate? never seen legacy goalie. ive seen both igloo goalies, the 1 that left is by far better than the rest, no doubt. tg tried to get her (Im a tg parent, and no, not a goalie dad) one tg goalie left dont know to where. and idk who the troll is that is so negative with comments like Im pretty sure ur daughter is pretty average too is a jerk off get off the thread if ur going to be an [lacrosse] And as far as your stupid comment about 91 never winning anything, well ur just ignorant. a goalie is never to be gauged on that given that its a whole team effort. thats just ignorant