[quote=Anonymous]The starting girls aren't leaving YJ for TG or Igloo as they played endlessly...to a fault perhaps...but still endlessly. No reason for them to go anywhere. It is those that are very good that should have played more that have reason to think about it. There are some that are best suited for a B team in any organization that will likely ask to go to YJ Wright to get a better experience. Only 2 have left YJA over last couple years...one to TG and one to Leg. One other went to TG and another to Leg after making YJA. As has been said by many, if you are not happy, there are other teams to go to. With 1 goal sperating these teams in "most" games, ...the other options are not that much better. They say that grass is greener on the other side. I've looked at the other side of grass and it is basically the same color. Once again...these verbal battles will be decided on the field. Igloo wins the Nationals and looked good. TG beat Igloo 4 out of 5. YJ wins Lax for Cure that included MD teams (regardless of bracket). None had a horrible season and none went undefeated. All will make for good games. Being on any of these 3 teams and add YJB to make the 4 top teams on the Island. The rest are...well...the rest.

Very generous ranking of the YJB as the 4th top team. I'm sure Leg, Jesters, Elevate and Liberty would all disagree.