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Who’s on top of this bracket now? Anyone start practicing yet?
Well if not teams have played a meaningful game in 2020 then the post from 11/15 should still be the same until later in the summer when actual games are played.

Based on the summer, looks like for 2023, BL still #1, Freedom #2, Mesa #3, HHH #4, Team 11 #5 then NXT, Rough Riders

anyone disagree? Mesa and HHH could be swapped I guess.

When Mesa is healthy and the full team is playing they whip Freedom and beat BL more often then not like hey did last summer. When banged up with 5 kids out - on of their top poles and all 3 top O they lost by 1 to HHH then played them with them back and won by 12. HHH is closer to NXT/Team 11 Then top 3.

Mesa also beat NXT in the fall by 10 a week after NXT had manhandled BL.

BL is good but lets be honest they trophy hunt like the Sons used too and avoid the big events where they usually don't do as well. Player by player BL has the advantage at FOGO and G, Mesa has the advantage at D and Attack. Its a wash at Middie.

Overall BL & Mesa are tops in Philly at 2023 then Freedom. After that they are all pretty average with HHH probably on top.

Overall I will say 2023 isnt a great year in Philly.