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Top trainers and/or coaches for the 2024 class? High school or club welcome. Looking for a new team and new private trainer for my daughter.

My daughter has worked with Mike Kaplan Laxon and Coach Tilts (all can easily be found on instagram) She did a group training with laxon in Nassau and said that she was expecting it to be harder but it was still fun. She felt Mike Kaplan was unsafe because there were dozens of unmasked players with two trainers more concerned with social media and making kids like them then a workout. She liked Tilts for privates and also did a small group session with her. Only struggle is that Tilts and Laxons slots go very quick. Kaplan doesn’t seem to cap his so I think he will squeeze as many as he can in. Kaplan doesn’t train lacrosse just workouts, Laxon only has a few teams, and I am not sure which club Tilts works for.