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My daughter is a 2024 and we play for a smaller club and is one of the best on her team. People keep telling us that if she wants to play in college we should move clubs. What 2024 team is strong at this age group?

Others may laugh at this, but you should give Team 91 2024 Crossfire a look. The former 2021 coach just took over that squad in the fall and I don't know that any coach puts in more effort on behalf of each and every player. She's a great role model and great motivator, and is transforming the culture of that particular team (no comment on the rest of the 91 girls program). My daughter doesn't play for them, but trains with the current coach, and she's already getting great recruiting advice. If you try to move to one of the top teams at this point, your daughter might get buried on the bench or sent to a "B" team. Not sure how that helps her. So again, I'm recommending the team because of the coach and the support your daughter will get from her, not because of where the team sits in the pecking order of Long Island lacrosse.