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Just going to give some advice to parents on here from having two older daughters who got college scholarships

If your kid is playing for rush, recon, or shore 2 shore girls I’d suggest getting a refund and finding a new team for the summer and going forward. Your kid has zero hope being seen playing for these teams. Unfortunately, 2024 elevate is going down too. A bunch of girls left last year, and I’m waiting for the rest to bail soon. Program used to be great, but is quickly falling apart.

I’d love to hear about which teams your daughters play for and your opinion of your team so that we can all figure out where we should be placing our kids.

YJ but our team has 26 kids so not sure if they’re willing to take more

We play for 91. I’ll be the first to admit that a year ago with the old coach it was an absolute bust. Since getting a new coach the team has been ridiculously positive even with a coach who expects a lot. We do non lax stuff together, our coach worked for free an extra day every week and gave up three Friday nights to have scrimmages she set up and ran without any compensation. The girls are all outside working out 5+ days a week and have easily become better than they have been in years. The coaches held recruiting zooms already and colleges are already calling our coaches based on what they’ve seen on social media and in kids film. We had a few girls leave last year to go to other teams they thought would be better who now ride the bench w it [ChillLaxin] insanely high roster numbers. We had 20+ girls try out between august and now and have kept our roster at 18. Our coach chose to not take kids and keep our roster small rather than collecting more money for the program just to fill a bigger team. I was skeptical about staying after last year, but having her come in has completely changed our experience. Our daughter told us that she has no interest in playing for any other coach and that she plans to continue to work to be the best so she can stay as a player on the team. I can’t say that the rest of the program is run this way because I don’t have kids on other teams but this group of girls and coaches have blown our family away. If your kid is a midfielder, don’t let her try out because my daughter may kill me if she knows I brought competition over her spot into the mix.