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Yes I believe the American select will be the new top dog! I don’t know how other regions are running under armor but Long Island lost all credibility last year with bs evaluations/selections.

American Select allowed the Florida Select 2022 team to represent the Florida region at that age group. Not a single other player made the team. American Select has all the same problems as the UA event. Some, like this one, are glaringly worse.

Almost the same thing happened with the North Carolina 2024 team. Large number of players from the "host club" that is clearly 2nd tier.

This is normal of startup events and why most don't last. If AS is still around in 3 years, and the other regions actually win a few championships to show some legitimacy, it will be worth considering. UA is flawed but when you look at the AS roster it is still just as flawed and for the same reasons. Club affiliations, friends, and family.