You may have “ZERO” interest, but your Director sure does based on the number of phone calls she’s made.

Get ready to play a game of lacrosse survivor with your daughter and her friends because these four will play and someone will be voted to the purple team.[/quote]
Unfortunately the parents are playing into this[/quote]

Yes they are[/quote]

Did you figure out which four are getting moved down yet? What about the four girls who are no longer going to start? What about the discounted tuition they got when you paid full price last year and got nothing? If you didn’t make the travel roster does that mean you are out? Better put that lofty ranking on FB before you get moved to purple.[/quote]

Good luck playing on Purple without a goalie. I heard they were going to rotate the field players into the net. But yeah, the parents can still say their daughter plays for an 'elite' program. nonsense[/quote]

Add Legacy Teal to that list also. Don't blame the programs they're just businesses trying to make money. Blame the sheep that keep throwing their disposable income at these clubs.

Club Director: "Hmmm. We have twenty kids that are really not good at lax and have no shot to play in HS nevermind college, but want to throw $3GER at me to make up a (B/Combined 25/26 Team). I think I'm going to turn that $60K to my program down and just let YJ make a F team*." Said no one ever.

*also YJ already has an F team it's called Galvin, and yes I know there's no D or E team.[/quote]

Galvin beat Janelli professor alphabet