Doesn't seem like Lomo parent wrote this given that there are two Lomo players on Tribe. No one who knows what Tribe is about is worried about Tribe, and certainly should not be "looking down their noses". It is just a tourney team put together to get girls more practice during really difficult times when their club teams were not able to attend tournaments. Tribe has girls from: YJ Wiener, Kildare, Ramos, Spallina, Lomo. Legacy 24, Elevate 24 Blue, and Jesters 24 Black. Silly that Tribe is even in this 25 thread, or any thread. They are not a town team or a club team. Just a great group of girls who want to play more who have a parents who are friends (yes, it IS possible for parents of girls the same age from different LI club teams to actually be friends), and who put this team together. Go back to enjoying your girls and watching them play.