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Team King took another teams goalie the day before nationals? And won. What was the deadline for rosters
The kid got a nice ribbon but she burnt a lot of bridges doing it Very bad form to put a kid in that situation and now deal with it

better enjoy that ribbon because she wasn’t even his first choice, at least he’s a very loyal guy and will take care of her

seems like a nice kid and likely the second best goalie by a long shot but it couldn’t wait until tryouts

This has to be the second nonsense thing I have read today and I read this morning's Newsday so that's saying a lot.

Goalies get asked to play all over the place, it happens, it's happened with my goalie several times. He current club did not roster her for the event and someone else asked her to play. She was not "poached" she was available to play, this happens at actual events. We had our goalie go down at a recruiting event and a goalie who was warming up for the next game jumped in to keep the game going. Goalies are a commodity, you can't take a midfielder from your roster and make her a goalie like you would if you needed an extra attacker or defender. This is why the NHL requires home teams to keep a designated back up for both teams on site for their games in case two goalies go down. Granted they didn't get a beer league goalie here, the girl has skills and has been clearly working hard to move up

Say what you want about the coaches but never put it on the player who just took advantage of an opportunity to play.

No bridges were burned, just a bunch of bitter adults.


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