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The fall league was a disaster......everyone played like garbage. I haven’t see the kids make so many drops since 3rd grade. TG went toe to toe with M&D, Hero’s and they beat Pride. They should play Janelli, Lomo and Spallina. What’s the worst that can happen?

I guess your team lost!
Stop already word is some of your best players are looking to make a move. Better do it before it is too late and you are stuck there.


I like the the long term upside of playing against the best competition in the country vs. playing and losing to your own D team in 7 v 7s and dominating school teams in that trash indoor league you are hiding out in this year.

Let’s see where each approach gets these teams to next time they play.

I think it’s you who should be worried about kids bailing from the “word” I hear.