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Are you guys all on lithium or something nowadays????

So much recent fodder to chat about that would've gone on for pages just a few months ago, what happened? Everyone spent all their trump dollars and had to go back to work? Everyone happy with their travel team.... No way.

just not much to debate anymore

lomo is the c team

top guns is more like average guns these days but at least they are throwing and catching better

legacy has yet to beat a good team, ever

that internal janelli turmoil was either untrue or not impactful, well for now at least and they are hard to bash at the moment though likely overrated

elevate’s rick springer style recruiting emails somehow continually evade my spam folder despite my best efforts

“yj blue” parents are not happy , but that will change once the team actually practices and runs the table for the remainder of the summer. still that’s a lot of cake you paid for a handful of free practices and 2 tournaments just to say you play for “coach blue” especially if your kid never plays