I’ll say it. The UA tryouts we’re pretty disorganized. Before last years waste of time there were 20 local HS, College coaches/players doing the evaluations. You got a mix of local talent from all towns and clubs. Yesterday we had just the club coaches coaching the command/highlight teams, some local club coaches and JS. At least JS actually watched the games, but several games were played with no evaluators on the sidelines? What did they debate during their assessment period? This was not as bad as the American Select or NY regional tryouts but pretty bad. The only thing these event organizers do well is take our money. Great concepts with big name sponsors just run poorly by the revolving door of club directors putting their own stamp on someone else’s “tryout”.

Should be interesting to see what happens with Rosters because so many girls here already were rostered and paid their $600 for the AS event that happens on the same days.