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I'll digress - Most B teams are scraps that club directors figure they can make a few bucks on, add below average players to over the winter when they keep a team with 12 kids, or slap a combined 24/25 squad together from the girls they cut and make their portions for the year providing half-Meanylax to these poor people for the cost of the same A team experience. As long as people throw money at these clubs, there will be monstrosities of teams that can barely (can't) catch and throw b/c they want to slap a MY KID PLAYS FOR {insert "ELITE" lax team here} and tell their friends how wasted they got in MD the weekend before and danced on the table at Shoney's later that night with the hostess. On election day of all days, we as a collective long island need to wise up and actually be consumers of a product (travel lax), rather than reliving your glory days when you played against Pat McCabe in a summer league game in Huntington back in '98 and "I swear I yard-saled him on the clear." through your kids.

Wait - you yardsaled McCabe too? FML I thought I was the only one.