"Janelli blew another late lead again and it ended in a tie. Their parents were so excited there wasn’t overtime this time because we all now how it would have ended. Both teams seemed fairly evenly matched, but the Janelli team continues to choke in the big spots. They seem more about everyone having a nice time rather than winning which isn’t the worst thing in the world at this age. Lomo looks to be on a different path though as they looked like team getting better where Janelli’s is always so underwhelming. Both solid B teams with maybe the far superior goalie play elevating Lomo to a low A squad."

"OK Lomo Coach......we know it is you here. Good try rookie."

Um, I don't think the Lomo coach wrote the above, if so why would she denigrate her own team? Also, the author of this quote seems to be confused and manages to insult both Jamelli and Lomo in the same post. My question is if the two teams are on different paths with Lomo getting better, as is stated, how do you explain the fact that Lomo had won the last three meetings but tied in their most recent matchup? The author is not from either team, just some lunatic with nothing better to do than stir the pot.