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Wasn't a "pick up team". That was a designed and selected team by a selfish parent. Team 91, Jesters, & some YJ players. Loyalty towards who is in question but clearly answered for some.

No disrespect to those who communicate anonymously or work in the shadows complaining incessantly, but I'm going to do things a little differently here. I believe I may be the "selfish" parent in question so I'm going to answer a few of the questions posed, so hopefully all parties can move on.

This is the very definition of a pickup team and here is the backstory:

I was approached a couple of weeks ago by a friend whose daughter played with mine on another club team a few years back who asked if we wanted play on a team in the junior high division with a bunch of our former teammates and some girls from their town. Where our club team was playing in the JV division and it sounded like a fun opportunity to reconnect with some friends so I said yes. At the onset myself and the others invited from our club team made it very clear that the club team came first and that's where we would play if a conflict arose. Where this all happened fairly close to the start of the season I was also asked if we could use the jerseys I had purchased years ago for a pickup team we occasionally enter in side tournaments to have fun and hang with friends. I agreed with the stipulation that I could invite the daughter of a friend I run that pickup team with as it didn't feel right to play under that name without them. This is the only roster discretion I had so if you are offended or jealous that you weren't asked then I'm not sure what to tell you. I also agreed to help coach the team because it also seemed like fun. Lastly, our club coach 100% knew we were playing in another game right before our scheduled club game, so there is no story or contention there either.

Now for the sentiment that the girls who played in both games were tired and that's why the team didn't win, well that feels more like conjecture based on the game I watched, but you are 100% entitled to your opinion on that. And for context it was only 5 of the 26 girls on the roster who played in the earlier game so it seems the impact is being likely exaggerated.

I will be at practice tonight if anyone wants to discuss it with me further.