Non traditional areas usually have a different set of rules[/quote]

Do they play the same sport with uniform rules? The tryouts should be run the same way regardless of the region. UA/Nike should hire a woman’s director of Lax or work with the IWLCA and layout a process to select the best girls from each region and have them play, not rotate a bunch of $$$ motivated biased club directors in to coach it who can’t pick the best girls bc they have to pick their girls to validate their club fees and so they can say they developed her. When a HS all American doesn’t make the call back game…. It Highlights the problem…[/quote]

if long island wants to WIN the event then why not pick the BEST players. how can a legit duke commit who was an AA this year not make callback after being on the team the past 3 years???
but still the talent on UA is much better than AS