I've got a hard time believing kids on Jabroni's B team can't catch and throw, yet somehow they're beating varsity teams in games, and are top 15 in the country? I would also think we wouldn't spend multiple pages of this thread putting together a heat map of where the Fantastic Four will end up if they truly didn't have any talent. Let's just stick to talking smack about the adults and teams in general fellas.

2025 kids that are still playing at this point are ones that want to get better at their craft, should we discourage that? I'm sure we'll have a ton to talk about this summer with all the pent up movement from team to team from this past 'season' so let's work on our verbal delivery this offseason, and be ready come July. I'm sure you can do better than 'they can't and throw good', you're all better than that I'm certain of it.