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Judging by past experience YJ/TG normally shuffle the rosters some but hopefully, we don’t get the short end of it like the older teams.
SS is very experienced & knows this is typically the last year for real movement.
Like all coaches, SS is trying to improve her teams. She has gotten more involved with us which is Super exciting & it showed in MD
ZERO interest in adding 4 with headaches AND realizes they over HYPING themselves. If we lose a few girls we’ll fill in. BIZ as usual
Hopefully, everything works out for girls b.c. Jumping around must be hard; they need to be happy!

Jesters & Bandits are trying to make a big push but it’s probably too late for the 25s and they don’t really play any good Tourneys.

You may have “ZERO” interest, but your Director sure does based on the number of phone calls she’s made.

Get ready to play a game of lacrosse survivor with your daughter and her friends because these four will play and someone will be voted to the purple team.
Unfortunately the parents are playing into this

Yes they are

Did you figure out which four are getting moved down yet? What about the four girls who are no longer going to start? What about the discounted tuition they got when you paid full price last year and got nothing? If you didn’t make the travel roster does that mean you are out? Better put that lofty ranking on FB before you get moved to purple.