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Unfortunately these decisions and choices of exposure have ramifications beyond ones own health. Though our daughters of this age and us in a general range of age as their parents are within a low risk segment, all can still be asymptomatic carriers whose probability of infection increase in the tournament environment that we all then bring back to our bubbles and potentially expose loved ones in our circles who are part of the higher risk segment of the population and for them this thing is the grim reaper. I'm no snowflake but individual behavior does not isolate consequences to just that individual, it instantly turns into a communal risk and danger. Wear a mask, get tested and don't put others at risk. There is no cure... The mask is to protect others as much as to protect yourself. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming of vilifying Spallina, bashing lomo, janulli and the defunct 91 guido...

We can say we were protesting and then we’ll be safe. It’s a fact. No COVID related flare ups were reported from protesting.

Be safe. Protest everything.