There are some crazed parents on each of the top 3 yj teams, and plenty of quiet under the radar nice parents too. It would be nice to group all of the crazy parents together on one team-I'm sure each team could come up with a consensus of five that bring the team and mood down, not up. "It's the ref's; it's the coaches; it's the bracket (too high or too low); she should play more; she should play less; she is a scorer not a defender;" It's about your daughter, not you. Park your ego and in the porta potty. No one cares where you played a quarter century ago. Ask yourself this, if your daughter makes a bad play who's reaction is more negative-in words, body language or tone-you or the coaches? If it's the coaches, then look for greener pastures; if it is you, and IT IS, STFU. You are painful.

Great tournament, venue, format and competition. Congrats Spallina and Steps Blue.

Be humble and kind. Don't burn bridges. The sands are always shifting.

On to MD...