Tribe. Not a club team. Not YJ, not Jesters, not Elevate, not Legacy. The roster has girls from each of those teams including 3 2025s and the rest 2024s. These girls have known each other for years of playing with/against each other on Long Island. Yes, the coach is the director of Jesters. But the girls have trained with her well before she became the director of Jesters. Tribe was assembled in the summer when the pandemic was shutting down all tournaments, and the LIJLL put together the summer league. Tribe entered as a way to keep the girls playing completive lacrosse while having fun with each other. Jesters did not exclude any of their players - this is not a Jesters team. The YJ players on Tribe will stay with YJ, the Legacy players will stay with Legacy, the Elevate players will stay with Elevate and the Jesters players will stay with Jesters. The coach of Tribe (i.e., the Jesters director) is not trying to recruit the girls away from their current club teams. She has been training these girls outside of Tribe for years, and this is just an extension of that. As someone stated earlier, it is a pick up team with girls from all over Long Island who are friends and who just want to get some extra playing in. Pretty simple.