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Better deal to stay!! What a joke! Considering leaving a club because your kid isn’t good enough to make the A team and going to another club just to do so instead of encouraging your kid to work hard and make the A team on their current club is a joke. Amazing parenting going on here, Don’t work hard honey, those mean kids are better than you but we will take our B/C level talents and just find another place for you to be the best, or better yet we will start our own team... These are the same parents whose kids fail algebra and they call the principal and blame the teacher!!!

Yeah definitely. Let’s stay on a B team where most coaches don’t care and only show up for a paycheck. Let’s stay on a B team where the club doesn’t care about us and puts us in garbage tournaments. Let’s stay on the B team where we have a new coach every couple of years. Let’s stay on a B team where we pay the same amount of money as the A team but get half the stuff. Bottom line is these bigger clubs don’t care about their second teams. If they did, more kids and parents would stay