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honest question, does anyone really like him?

is he as bad of a guy as most people say in private?

ignoring how most people kiss his posterior in public

Bad is probably an overstatement. I don't think he's truly "bad". He's not killing baby seals or anything like that. He's more along the lines of a used car salesman.

He's an egomaniac with a Napolean complex. He cares more about his image than anything else. His image is what he's selling. And those sales bring him fortune and fame.

If you're useful to him he's good to you. If/when you become not useful, you'll be the last to know and only find out when you're stabbed in the back.

He builds youth teams entirely to support and showcase his own kids and further his own brand, using other people's kids to do so, and makes gobs of money doing it. This is comical because only one of his kids has any truel talent, and he's not a 2025. When you hear the "top 2025" that's media/social media hype. If something is said enough and written enough, it must be true, so he makes that happen. There are a handful of girls on the team that are better in every way but have to take a back seat. Just watch a game and you'll see the truth of it. I'll give you a hint, look at the middies who can run and know they're supposed to give the ball to the little queen. I don't know if this makes him bad. But the Lion does not trouble himself with the opinion of sheep. And he's very good at collecting sheep.