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I coach one of the Yellow Jacket teams in question. I spoke with four parents from my team and they swear that they are not going anywhere and have not even talked to anyone or trained (practiced ) with any other team. They reached out to me to talk. So maybe it is the other 2025 team. Happy Holidays and Everyone stay safe.

sounds like someone got caught and had to try to cover their tracks"

...So helpful...that cleared everything up. Thanks "Coach". I guarantee you no coach would be foolish enough to post on here or sadomastic enough to read this forum.

AND, neither Janelli nor Lomangino nor their assistants would post something like this pointing their finger to the other team (stirring the pot). Print your name if you want this to carry any legitimacy. Heck, you've already "spoken" with the 4 crazy moms/dads so they know who you are.


CR would never allow one of her coaches to post to this board and risk harming her brand. If that happened they wouldn’t be coaching for much longer and they all know that.