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The lack of rescheduling this past weekend in MD was a joke. Half of the '25 teams only got 2 games while the other half got 4. Scheduling certainly could've been altered for Sunday providing each team with 3 games total and then one playoff game. Same amount of total games, just more work for the organizers. Organizers are person if they do not provide a 50% refund to the teams that only got two games but were guaranteed 4. Not a credit, a refund directly to those 15 or so teams that incurred travel, lodging and registration expenses but did not get what was stated. Please advise.

LOL, who on BOTC would you like a response from? Problem is, there's that small print at the bottom of all the waivers teams/players/parents all signed that almost definitely says, "no refunds for cancellations due to weather." stinks for sure, but it's not the first time and it won't be the last.