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is that what club teams and players do,
join "pick up" teams instead of being part and committed to your club team? COMMITTED !!!
Some parents are one way streets. OH WAIT I FORGOT TO CALL EVERYONE A TWIT to defend myself!
oh and that club coach coaches the pick up team just to be a nice person NOT to try to recruit players.
ok right I was born yesterday.. By the way it's going on in two age groups.
You all know who you are and so does the Boss
Maybe Bruce will sing Brilliant Disguise for Jabroni .

I’ve seen his offense, definitely not Born to Run. I heard the Tribe is looking for someone to run their C Team. May want to want to keep your options open once the BOSS really finds out what’s going on over there. Parents run that team on and off the sidelines, glad we got far away from that mess.