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Spallina gap has closed dramatically. Difference between jamelli, lomo and spallina is marginal. Results should bear that out over the next week. Save the gibberish until after this weekend, then have at it with the supporting data. Web cheerleading, posturing and sideline histrionics by crazed parents is irrelevant and useless other than giving long island a bad reputation due to your behavior (thanks Jamulli parents for showing your color this weekend, easy to pretend to be classy when you're winning).

Coach Blue can beat both those teams by as many goals as he feels like, last weekend was their spring training, everyone else is in mid season form. Lomo hasn't been able to keep up with Janelli at all in the last year, there's a big gap there currently.

Reflexive property states if Janelli beat hero's and hero's beat Blue, then ????

Let's hope we see it this week somewhere or another. And I think the YJ Amway model is working just fine, just ask the Queen. Cheers to a fifth and sixth 2025 YJ team for next year!

Janellis parents screaming at their coaches and players terrible Crazy parents all thought this was the day they could say We Won we are the A team instead your the C team