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Exactly. So instead he resorts to playing low level 24s and supposed “high school teams”. Everyone grows up and after the looks of them this summer ... girls are catching up ...

JS did the same thing the the Bandits when they turned out to not be the "Superstar" team he was marketing. Play weaker, older teams this way he could say they were "playing up" when in fact they were ducking on grade competition. The proof is when he couldn't get that done and the Bandits played top teams on-grade, the Bandits occasionally lost. The Bandits don't lose often and I don't think YJ would either but they will occasionally lose and then he'd have less to promote. Even the best teams have a bad day or a bad showing. With Crush, that never happened and JS would play anyone. It goes to show you when you dig through all the hype to the truth, buried all the way deep down, he's not incredibly confident in the team. Just like the Bandits. Are the YJ the best 2025 team on Long Island? Absolutely. Are they beatable? Absolutely.

NFW, he beats Lomo & Jabroni by five playing man down all game, throw Slop Guns in that mix as well.

Now his schedule this weekend is light as can be, but I don't think he's ducking anyone there just isn't anyone good at that event.

What's with Swarm & Venom changing names? In the case of Venom its her whole team and clearly she's coaching it?