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Apex showcases..... Are these worth the money to check out?

Generally No. For a 25 this early in the process, heck no.

These showcases have the most value for girls who play for under the radar clubs. Reality noone from a top maryland club or even a B club don't really have exposure issues.

The only showcase I have seen with some value is Lacrosse Masters, which is great for girls targeting NESAC (top new england private schools in D3).

Agreed that for 2025, this is early in the process but showcases are vital for all players, regardless of the club you play for, especially now more than ever.

The CB Laxers NY Showcase on January 10th has a lot of NESCAC’s attending and other perennial power D2/D3 colleges. They also run other great showcases but this is a good one to get a taste for what showcases are like for the future but will also help to get on the coaches radars.

Where is this being held?