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They are not ranked 1st. It is a watch list. The order of the listing does not matter. His daughter is perhaps the 4th best player on his team. Nowhere near 1st in-the-age group.
Uh oh someone is a jealous helicopter parent lmao I personally Don’t think the team as good as many they are good not unbeatable but I will say this his daughter is by far the best on that team And one of the top 5 in the class who knows who is best their in 8th grade Pathetically enough daughters team resulted in face guarding her last time we played after she scored first four goals I Actually think in this class minus a few of YJ Spallina kids the majority of the Top talent is down here in Maryland Having an older daughter enjoy the ride trust me when I tell you which team is best fades fast in a few years Hopefully things clear up By summer to get back to normal