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Same TG parent here.....was much more impressed with Janelli than Lomo. I know they always play great games down to the wire and Lomo always wins, but From what I saw, Janelli was the better team.

Lomo always wins. Janelli has better talent depth, but lacks the sack to upset his fanboys and risk having to pay for his own drinks in MD all summer. When we play him we always marvel at his curious personnel decisions allowing us to climb back into the game. Should be a big B vs. C showdown tomorrow night, but we all know how it always ends. Lomo has the coaching along with far superior goalie play, and Janelli is worrying about how not to lose rather than winning the game.

Oh and to Top Guns, it doesn’t matter what bracket you are in or what coaches are watching your kids, if you can’t throw and catch it doesn’t really matter.