So, it really is a Janelli parent trolling this site...wheel of venom...where will it stop...TG, Lomo, Spallina, 91...jeez, let it go. All teams will change, have turnover, consolidate, have disgruntled parents-too many tournaments/practices or not enough; playing time, positioning, platoon goalie, roster size, offense, defense, playing to win, recruiting.

Seriously, step back. If you know so much start your own team. There are very few girls that are acidic and poisonous to their teams but there are many parents that are...Is your daughter complaining, whining, be ah ching-or is she really more in touch with her relevant standing and skill level on the team than you are? Are you telling her to practice, work and play more or is she asking you for it? Look in the mirror vicariously living moms...don't ruin your daughters experience. This is supposed to be fun and yes, winning is definitely more fun than losing, but if you care more than her, well, she don't want to be following the path you are trying to lay. Whether its TG, Jan, Lom or insert team name, if your daughter is not a starter, this ride is almost over... enjoy it and support it until she becomes a cheerleader or groupie... back 11 of all above teams have 0 future in lacrosse so hopefully they at least have fun.