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You people seem desperate. First you have the poster asking if a coach has ever gone back on their verbal as if this would make all existing verbals worthless.Then you have the clown reporting fake statistics of 15-20 percent when he cannot name one single instance of it ever happening. Now you have the other ill informed poster saying if a kid gains 20 lbs the verbal is gone, I can name multiple coaches who have honored their verbal commitment when a player has gained weight, blown out a knee, blown out the other knee, blown out the same knee again, had a kid get kicked out of school, had a kid get arrested and on and on. These players that they have honored their verbals with are not even the top of the food chain , these coaches include. NW, PSU,UNC, Cuse, MD, UVA, Duke.They honored these verbals when they easily could have said sorry you did not hold up your end of the bargain. Again you have not named one coach or one instance of them pulling their verbal . We get it your kid did not commit somewhere because " you wanted to wait and verbals mean nothing", sure.

Verbals mean nothing. Until the LI is signed, a verbal is nothing more than a “let’s hope it all works out”