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So I hear this hold back conversation. What is considered a holdback?

1) A kid when she is 6 starts kindergarten late when a parent has no clue if he/she will be a dancer/athlete/musician?

2) A kid who's parents hold them back when they are 6-7th grade to possibly gain a in sports or any other activity.

I can see a little frustration by parents on two. But on one I really don't see how you can the kid was held back on purpose by parent.

3) A parent who holds their kid back knowing it’s an advantage both in the classroom and athletic field who had no other reason to do so at the time ie kid was meeting all physical and mental mile stones.

Yes the Florida kid is a holdback being more than a full year older than many of the other 2020 players , that said YJ should keep their mouths shut as they have a few also.