First of all if she was held back, you have no idea why she was (and if she even was). I know people that have held their kid back because they were the youngest in the grade (based on the cutoff). The kid was a genius Got a full academic ride for school. Double major and now is off to get his masters. Boy can you believe it. The horror.

The hate on this site is crazy. As a HS soccer coach (and no, I do not coach my kids) the parents push their kids out of sports. I was at CI this last weekend and parents make this more important than it is. Kids are kids. Stop pretending this is about them when you parents are living through them.

It really is embarrassing to see parents at all of these showcases. My favorite is when I see parents laying into their kids at the parking lot after the game.

I am on my way to the mid Atlantic and I will go watch this Florida team to see what their story is. And if they are the real deal, I will report back.

Coach Anonymous