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and more......at showcases....I think it is the committed players responsibility to let the non committed players shine in games....... that doesnt mean the committed players don't score ....it means they do less.

Respectfully disagree , if you are going to play they should play the right way not try to "do less". I also do not get why you would distinguish who should play "more" because one tourney is championship and the other is showcase.If you start with the idea that the main purpose of these travel teams is to get as many kids recruited as possible , you have college coaches at both types of tournaments , so why treat them differently. If your coach or club tells you the majority of playing time will go to the starters and you stay with that team knowing this it's on you . Still waiting to hear where kids who want to play competitive lacrosse both in terms of competing for your spot on a team and playing against other teams is supposed to go .