I kindly disagree.......more people are interested in kids getting committed to good colleges and getting great educations.......but if winning tournaments is the only thing that is important to you and your daughter...so be it ..... I am not judging. I am guessing every club would rather have all girls committed to go to college then a trophy....and if that isnt true....shame on that club. If there is a club that only cares about winning.....good for them....bad for the girls. you are right the girls can go somewhere else.... I don't disagree.

And i don't agree with equal playing time....the better girls get more time, that is they way it goes sometimes....but it is the clubs responsibility to get the non committed girls good playing time in showcases. But if the club would rather go 4-0 in a showcase and only play their committed players most......doesnt make much sense does it? After all, the college coaches could care less about them if they are already committed.

That being said....if you are playing in other tournaments and you want to win the trophy, as most teams want to, their best players see more time. But, hopefully that changes when a team goes to a showcase....if it doesnt then something is horribly wrong.

My initial post said showcases