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"Excuse me but aren't you doing the same thing as the "dog fighter" how would you know its "nonsense" you are commenting like you are not on the team; and yes you have many disgruntled parents on that team including "stud" parents as well as parents of "uncommitted". You and your parents are the problem big mouths and you go spewing your stories all over YJ period. So stop talking the high road big mouths from immature parents and club owner and coach who have there priorities in the wrong places."

Actually I was just going on the info on this site and the 20 minutes of a game I watched while my daughters team warmed up. I know its nonsense because I know they beat MD this fall so after that anything that poster says has to be considered unreliable at best. I think its hilarious that some of you morons just don't see how ridiculous your comments are. Say what you want but looking at their list of commits tells me that in getting kids committed there is no better team in the age group so the way Curcio is running the team is working out just fine for the kids on the team, results don't lie. You all come on with subjective criticism and nothing concrete that can actually be checked but when you look at the facts its trolls that team is doing great.

Dont you two idiots get it? it doesnt matter who won or lost in these games!!!! the Coaches dont care! The coaches are coming to these better teams games to watch individual players!! who gives a rats [lacrosse] who wins! I get it... you like to wear your kids club teams sweatshirts around and pound your chests at the bar! In the end all that matters is are the coaches coming to watch your team! Then its up to Sally to perform as a team player!