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Please tell us the coach that did not honor the verbal agreement they made with a player and not the usual "I heard" of a kid nonsense.
mochigan fired their coach and new coach did not honor verbals. Don't think it doesn't happen
I said the verbal agreement they made not that someone else made, just does not happen . Just because no one wanted your kid enough to make a verbal does not mean you have to spread [lacrosse] rumors.[/quote]
So you think all verbal commits are honored?[/quote]

Verbals have been pulled when the kid's academics don't cut it.[/quote]

Again that means the player has broken the verbal most times. In general most verbals are given with some basic benchmarks that need to be met ie. gpa in a range ; sat in a range , stay out of trouble ; don’t be an [lacrosse] on social media etc. I have been around girls lacrosse a long time and have not heard of a coach rescinding on their verbal .Has it ever happened ,probably,but acting like a verbal means nothing usually comes from someone who is just bitter their kid does not have one. If you know of coaches who have done it let’s hear who.[/quote]

All i asked if you think all verbals are honored........I didnt say they didnt mean anything......they mean the college/university sees your daughter at the institution......but that can change for a variety of reasons.......whether you agree of disagree is unimoirtant....the fact is not all verbals are honored..... for one reason or another.

Maybe they committed to the kid at too young of an age,,,,and saw what an [lacrosse] they have become....or now they are a pothead...... or of various other reasons......it happens with all sports in college.......