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Left Maryland last weekend to attend Sunday night and well worth it. Prime time and Lax Clash were a waste. Especially Lax Clash, No competition to speak of. Rather have my kid one of 80 in front of 15 head coaches then 1 of several hundred in front of assistants that spend more time on their phone than watching. Although previous poster was correct that many of best players did not attend, a few did shine .Coaches know what they are looking for. Speaking of a Florida Team beating YJ's, a 2020 goalie from Florida was at showcase and was insanely good. good as any I have seen in the class.

You're new to this aren't you? The assistants are looking at the tournament rosters on their phone and taking notes. There are others with tablets if they prefer to carry the extra device. But, there are very few that carry the big binders around in their hands. Those are usually in their backpacks or they just opt not to get one. The coaches that do receive programs/rosters from some teams at fields will usually use those to jot down notes or check to see who is committed because the rosters passed out by the teams are up to date. If you think those assistants that are sitting near you are not paying attention and just texting away to their buddies - you are probably one of those parents spouting off constantly at the refs and trying to coach your kid from the sidelines. We are on our third and last kid in this process/game - the coaches don't need to watch for too long and they also are not concerned about how good your kid is dodging around cones or picking up ground balls at a clinic. They want to see how your kid performs against the Maryland kids or deals with adversity while getting beat by a Maryland team. If your team just rolled over the competition - good, then I hope your daughter won with grace and showed sportsmanship.