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The solution for the 2020s and 2019s is simple but perhaps unpalatable to money hungry club directors...split teams into "committed" and "uncommitted." The committed players can continue honing their skills, which is presumably why they continue to play club ball. The uncommitted players can focus on developing and showcasing. Place teams in brackets where they will be challenged because no college coach will value watching a blowout. Forget about the scores. Clubs will be evaluated by how well they do in positioning their players for the next level, not on any meaningless championship trophies.

Maybe clubs won't max out profits with this approach, but they would have a lot more satisfied customers.

I can dream, can't I?

Yeah ok.... Club lacrosse is the most corrupt money hungry group out there. They are so powerful they render US Lacrosse almost powerless

You are forgetting about another group out there that is now making a big move to get a slice of that pie. Have you noticed how many more college clinics and etc are going on. There are a handful of clinics or showcases now scheduled around the Florida money grab. Now, they will have 2 extra years to siphon money off of you and still cannot talk to you. Before, it was only primarily the commits or players being recruited to specific schools that were attending the camps and clinics after freshman year or so in high school. Has anyone else noticed this?