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WOW..... I am late to all of this but here is my thoughts.... it may take a bit.
As far as the Internet tough guy/evaluators.... concerning the 2015 class (the ones picked for the U.S U-19 team) as a control case.

one of the goalies picked for the U19 team (supposedly the best) has been benched and has not retained her spot (NU) he other has been replaced multiple times because of poor play(ND) meanwhile, goalies that got less press are on the #1(SB) and #2 (BC) teams in the country, and two of the best players in the country (Apuzzo and Leavy) were passed over for lesser players today (Ortega and Miller)So just maybe how you play when you're 13 or 14 doesn't really mean that much when your 20.

Seeing as this is a LI thread...... looking at Florida... it seems the "me first" "go to goal" play from the sisters from the YJ club do more to hurt them than help, while the real deal player (from Liberty, I know you YJ lovers will hate this, but it is true) is the only real Tewaaraton worthy player on the team. In reality, no YJ player is really worthy this year or next (Except maybe Ortega from UNC) but definitely players from TG and Lib are.

Fall ball means Nothing.... when your daughter gets to college you will realize this

All coaches (especially college coaches) are lying to you. unless you are in the top 1%........ and no your kid is not one of them.

Spallina is the worst thing to happen to woman lacrosse, but is a great coach

Northwestern only seems better because they are not playing the hardest schedule this year.... average at best. gets by on n name recognition ( but so does 'cuse

Dude you seem to be the most uninformed know it all internet posting loser in a long time .You have no idea why the NW goalie lost her starting spot nor do you have a clue why the ND goalie has been replaced in certain games. The fact that a few goalies that got less press are on the top teams does not indicate they are the best goalies you dope. As much as I detest losers like you putting young girls names on the site to tear them down you show your ignorance as one of your “ lesser players today” is a mid season first team all American while one of your best players in the country is not team 1,2, or 3 . Keep your idiotic opinions to yourself as you obviously have some sort of strange crush on CR and it just makes you so angry she finds you effeminate.

What happened to the original poster ? Could it be that YJ had 9-10 D1 AA, TG 2-3, Lib 2-3.