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I just can’t wait until next year when the coaches start calling my daughter and the lil b&@ches and their mother’s from her team start crying because their no talent private school girl daughters’ who have zero skill or speed aren’t getting a single call. We were at the President Cup and I literally heard a mother say about a opponent we were playing “ I really don’t know how that girl is committed to Penn State, she’s not that good” the parent goggles these people have are unreal. I watched the girl for 2 minutes during warmups and could tell she was good. Big, fast and great stick skills. There’s a reason the girls are already committed, and the top reason is they are athletic. But half of the parents on my daughters team don’t get it.

I love these guys who are top talent evaluators. They know EVERYTHING. "The top reason is they are athletic." Pure genius. They are being recruited for a sport, one would assume that being athletic is a big part of that? Hmmm. But lets dig a little deeper into his psyche. Because it is clear that his daughter was not an early 2020 commit. But he likes to emphasize big, fast. So we know his daughter's type. Not a very good lacrosse player, but an "athlete". She will have a place for sure in college lax, but she will be a defender/defensive middie. Dime a dozen.

Want some other reasons why girls get recruited first? #1 lax IQ/Field vision = can't teach it. #2 Quickness, not just straight line speed #3 Stick skills (which he thankfully mentions w the Penn St. recruit because most of the 'big, fast' promoters think that stick skills just come along) #4 lax IQ/Field Vision #5 Lax IQ/Field vision. Get it????